Goddess of Love and War

So what do you think of Ishtar?

“Your love only brings war!”

“We outgrow our naïveté in thinking goddesses return our love.”

“The goddess stood on Uruk’s walls, and cried aloud: Grief to those who have insulted me and killed the bull of heaven!”

And then Ekidu threw a bull leg at her. Boo! Get outta here!

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3 thoughts on “Goddess of Love and War

  1. It’s interesting that Ishtar is the goddess of such –what in our worldview are such–opposing ideas, love and then also war.

    It’s kind of comical how the two guys give her such a hard time. That’s opposites to my mind, too. She’s the patron goddess of the city, and there’s no grovelling to or worshiping of her. They treat her like the annoying kid sister.

  2. nrlymrtl

    In my version, the Stephen Mitchell one, it is Enkidu who throws the Heaven Bull leg at Ishtar. I also enjoyed Gilgamesh turning down her offer harshly, pointing out all the horrible things that happened to her previous lovers. What is a rollerbird anyway?

    • Yes, I spelled Enkidu wrong, sorry! He rips the bull apart and throws it at her.

      Gilgamesh shuts her down pretty hard! And then Ishtar’s dad says pretty much the same thing, ” yup, they all say that to you.”

      Do you have any notes? Ishtar turned away the affectins of a guy named Ishullanu–she turned him into a hedgehog, according to these notes.

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