Locke Slow-A-Long Update

hi Guys!

The Lies of Locke Lamora is well underway, and the fast readers are tearing it up. We’ll see some of the first of the formal discussions start to surface this weekend.

I am listening to it on audio, and let me tell you, it’s TOTALLY FAB-TABULOUS on audio. Here’s the audible link.

The first review there at the audible site reflects my thoughts thus far on the reader. “Spot-on”!

Audible-ized chapters are always a little off because of the way they break up the book, but I’m at “Chapter 8” of part 1, 3 hrs and 9 min remaining. I’m probably going to rewind (*!* that’s such an archaic word) and re-listen to chapters 4 to 8.

The story has just acquired a depth to characterization when young Locke is made to realize that his actions can result in fatal consequences.

A surprise for us! Scott Lynch has offered a Saturday postings of Why He Wrote The Book. You can see this on his livejournal thingbob, here.

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One thought on “Locke Slow-A-Long Update

  1. Sophia

    DARN, I should’ve maybe saved this one for audio! But so far I am enjoying it quite a bit, in text form.

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