Explorer Challenge

Darkcargo Explorer Challenge–At least Five books, no more than two from each category, a combo of at least three categories:

  1. Read a history book published by a University Press. !!NONFICTION!!
  2. Explore poetry throughout the year. Find collections and anthologies, pick up poetry magazines, and actively seek out poetry. Find a poet that resonates with you, and tell me about this experience. If you already have a fave, your challenge is to find a new favorite poet.
  3. Read a travel book about someone who takes a trip from one geographical location to another before 1960 (not time travel or mental/drug-induced travel, sorry, or Travel Guides) !!NONFICTION!!
  4. Read fiction about a REAL place you’ve never been.
  5. A truly enormous book of Classic Literature. Enormous being defined as “can be used as a weapon when applied with blunt force to the head”. Some ideas are here, others are: All of The Lord of the Rings, all of the stories in the Sherlock Holmes cannon, anything by Dickens, etc.
  6. Start a new (to you) series. An excellent idea? Help me out with my Epic Quest for Pre-2K Fantasy.
  7. Read a published author who is CURRENTLY younger than you are. (That’s a weird clarification, I know. I mean, someone who really is younger than you are, not younger than you are now when they had their book published. No parallel universes here.)
  8. Read a published novel written by someone who is a citizen of a country in Asia, Africa or Central/South America.
  9. Subscribe to a literary magazine in your favorite genre. Read it.
  10. Find out if your local library is participating in The National Endowment for the Arts’ The Big Read program. If they are, read their selection AND PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITIES. If not, ask them about it. If they are not participating or if the current selection doesn’t appeal to you here’s the list of books to choose from. My local library is participating. I’ve already read this, but can certainly still participate in the activities, and select another on the list.
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